Being Prepared in the Chicago Area

By: Syed Sheeraz

Much of the recent healthcare news has been focused on the H1N1 Virus. The media has not covered emergency planning by civil authorities and the healthcare industry in some time. We may see some more evaluation of the way we respond to civic emergency after a Northwest Airlines flight overshot the Minneapolis Airport by more than 150 miles. The loss of radio contact with the plane and the fact that it was in uncharted airspace caused questions in the large metropolitan area of the Twin Cities and other metropolitan areas of the Midwest. Are cities and their healthcare officials in the Midwest properly prepared for a disaster? In the Chicago area the city and the suburbs surrounding the Windy City work hard to be prepared for any type of disaster.

Hospitals as far south as a Braidwood Illinois hospital know that there are many threats they must consider. The natural threat for most of Illinois is tornados. A large metropolitan area must be ready for any type of a terrorist attack along with any type of large accident - like a plane on its way to O'Hare International Airport or Midway Airport going off course and going down. The healthcare professionals of the Chicago area often go through readiness drills and simulations. These are necessary to make sure everyone knows what the proper procedures are to save and protect as many lives as possible. The citizens in Illinois expect this of those in healthcare. It does not matter if you are from the north or south side, there is an expectation of preparation for those in the Chicago north suburbs healthcare and those working in Chicago south suburbs healthcare. The simulations are done as realistically as possible. This means that healthcare workers are called into work at all hours of the day and night.

The amount of injured is varied, and the type of injuries that the health professionals face is changed with each simulation. The people drilling those in the healthcare want to make sure that every potential risks are taken into account. This means that the Chicago south west suburbs physicans like all the physicians throughout the Chicago land area are always on the ready. The professionals who are part of the Riverside Health Care organization want those throughout Chicago to know that they are always prepared to serve you. We know you expect us to be ready to serve all your needs - large or small. We invite you to get to know us better by visiting one of our Chicago south suburbs healthcare facilities. If you need specific information about our Braidwood Illinois hospital visit Riverside Medical Center today.

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